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Flojet expanded Graphite Sealing Products

FLOJETÒ offers PURE EXPENDED MINERAL FLEXIBLE GRAPHITE fluid sealing products which are high technological discoveries and these products offer the ULTIMATE ANSWER to any and every fluid sealing problem. EXPANDED MINERAL GRAPHITE has an edge over other man-made fibres in having the LOWEST Costs, HIGHEST Temperature Resistance, LOWEST coefficient of Friction, HIGHEST Chemicals resistance, and has none of the health and handing problems and is UNIVERSAL IN APPLICATION.

It is a crystalline allotropic form of Carbon naturally in Graphite Mines having a purity of 98 to 99.9%. It is processed uniquely into NATURAL EXPANDED MINERAL GRAPHITE FLAKES which are chemically treated, then heated in an electric resistance furnace and compressed to form soft FLEXIBLE foil. No Binder or respirable fibres are used and the material has high purity of 98% and 1% corrosion inhibitors are added for protection.


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