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A machinable grade composite repair compound formulated for maximum durability and performance. Protects surfaces exposed to temperatures up to 250OC. Flojet 500 is non-shrinking and cures to use in about 2 hours, at which time it can be drilled, tapped or machined with conventional cutting tools. An excellent choice for rebuilding shafts, bearing housings, keyways, as well as mis machined parts that must be brought back to original dimensions.

Flojet 500 produces exceptionally high physical properties compressive tensile shear and adhesive strength and is excellent for making permanent repairs to leaking pipes, storage tanks, cracked engine blocks or bonding metals to non-metals, such as concrete to steels.

Compressive Strength @16,000 psi
Adhesion Tensile Strength @ 3,000 psi
Temperature Resistance @ Dry 250OC / Wet 120OC
Working Time @ 10 to 15 min. at 20OC

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